• Susquehanna Township School District’s Department of Pupil Services has a goal to support the overall mission and vision of our district, which are “The Success of Every Learner and being “World Class. Every Day. In Every Way”. The programs and services within the Department of Pupil Services strive to ensure that students and families are provided with opportunities to attain the knowledge, competencies, and the supports necessary so that each student can experience the maximum benefit from their instructional program.
    Director of Pupil Services, David N. Depew, can be reached at 717-657-5100 Ext. 50137 or via e-mail at ddepew@hannasd.org
    Pupil services available to students and families in Susquehanna Township School District are:
    • Department of Special Education
    • Gifted Education
    • Protected Handicapped-Chapter 15/504 Plans
    • Nursing Department
    • School Counselors
    • School Social Worker
    • School Psychologists
    • Students experiencing homelessness
    • Students involved with Foster Care System
    • Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth
    • ACCESS billing for Medicaid Reimbursements
    • New Student Registration
    • School Safety