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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





                The Pennsylvania State Board of Education has regulated that a planned program of adapted physical education, consisting of remedial and modified activities for the physically undeveloped child shall be provided in the secondary schools.


                The adapted program is based on a physician’s medical diagnosis and recommendations and on principles and practices applicable to the individual student’s conditions. Students requiring special physical education programs fall into one or more of the following groups:


    1.                  Those seeking to adapt themselves to a permanent condition


    2.                  Those desiring to rehabilitate a physical disability


    3.                  Those requiring limited physical activity


    4.                  Those recommended for a developmental program


    Students who desire to be assigned to this program must secure the necessary forms from the principal. 


    1. All assignments to the adaptive physical education programs will be made by the principal. 


    1. Assignments to adaptive physical education programs will not be made prior to receiving the medical statement.


    1. Those students who have permanent disabilities and cannot take part in regular physical education will take part in this program. Students with temporary disabilities will be assigned to the program if the healing process exceeds 5 weeks.


    1. No student will have an adaptive physical education program without first having forms filled in by the doctor. They will be assigned to study hall until this has been completed.


    1. Students who have doctor’s excuses for one or two days will not have an adaptive physical education program.


    Note: For students having an IEP, the following criteria will be used to determine adaptive physical education needs: The extent to which a student can participate in regular physical education. The extent to which a student needs specially designed physical education.