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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





    The board will acknowledge each student’s successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the student’s interests and needs by awarding a diploma at the ceremony of graduation.


    The student’s graduation from high school signifies the student’s fulfillment of the high school graduation requirements set by state law and board policy.


    The board shall award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in this district who meets the requirements of graduation established by the board and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Students who meet the requirements of the scholar’s program shall receive a Distinguished Scholar’s Diploma. Students who meet the requirements of the Hanna Cyber Academy shall receive a Hanna Cyber Academy diploma. 


    The board shall approve the planned courses for which credit toward graduation shall be awarded. These written planned courses shall be on file in the district and shall be made available upon request for review by the designated representatives of the Department of Education.


    A requirement for graduation shall be the completion of required assessments, work, and studies representing the instructional program assigned to grades 9 through 12, which are aligned to established academic standards.


    The board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned 25 credits.


    A list of all graduating students shall be submitted to the board for its information and release to the public.


    Accurate recording of each student’s achievement of academic standards shall be maintained, as required by law and state regulations.


    Students shall be informed in writing of graduation requirements they must complete. Periodic warnings shall be issued to students in danger of not fulfilling graduation requirements.


    A student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall not be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure, but the student may be denied participation in the graduation ceremony when personal conduct so warrants. Such exclusion shall be regarded as a school suspension.


    Approved by the School Board – May 22, 1972

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987

    Amended by the School Board – June 20, 1992

    Amended by the School Board – February 29, 2000

    Amended by the School Board – August 22, 2005

    Amended by the School Board – March 23, 2009

    Amended by the School Board- April 26, 2010