This page will list any College Open House Events that the Counseling Center is notified of in an easy-to-read alphabetical chart format.
College Name Event Population Date(s) Register/More Information
Brandeis University Fall Open House Everyone 
9-9-17, 9-17-17,
10-14-17,  10-22-17, 10-28-17, 11-4-17, 11-12-17 
Bridgewater College Open HouseEveryone 10-21-17, 11-11-17, 2-3-18, 3-17-18 
Carnegie Mellon University Fall Information Session Everyone 10-11-17 at Harrisburg Academy 
Seton Hall University    Open House Everyone 10-15-17, 11-19-17, 2-18-18, 4-22-18 
Virginia Tech
A Day in the Life of a Physics Major
Students planning to major in Physics
Several dates available on website