• Help Make Good Things Happen in Our Schools
    Parents/guardians, grandparents and community members are invited to volunteer in our schools through the STSD Volunteer program. Members are offered the opportunity to respond to requests for help that are received from teachers, librarians, administrators, the PTOs, and other members of our school district family.
    Under Pennsylvania law, all school volunteers must meet certain requirements, including those who volunteer in extra curricular activities. Therefore, ALL STSD volunteers must be members of the Volunteer Program to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and for compliance of the law. Please download the Volunteer Manual to the left for more information on becoming a part of the Volunteer Program.
    A variety of activities become available during the school year and sometimes during the summer. Most requests are for help at school during the school day, while a few activities take place after school or in the evening, under supervision of staff.
    Some requests involve coming in on a regular basis through the school year while others involve a one-time visit. Volunteers may participate in those activities that best suit their interests and schedule. 

    Volunteer Program activities typically include helping elementary school students work on reading or math skills, assisting at book fairs, giving teachers an extra hand with classroom support tasks, helping middle and high school students with their schoolwork at Striving for Excellence sessions, reading to students as part of the Holtzman School African-American Read-In, and lots more. 

    If you have questions about joining the Volunteer Program or would like to sign up for an orientation, please call the school district office at 657-5100.