• Volunteers of the Year: 2011-2012
    The STSD Volunteer Program honored Ardee Burno and Johnnie Simms as Volunteers of the Year for 2011-2012. Ardee and Johnnie were recognized for creating and nurturing the Striving for Excellence tutoring project. Through this project, volunteer tutors meet with STHS and STMS students two evenings a week throughout the school year. These volunteers – who were honored as a group for their dedication to our students – included Jodi Bannon, Ardee Burno, Doris Crowe, Susan Clark George, Svetlana Gomez, Nancee Holley, Tom Lapkowicz, Steven Loux, Harlon Robinson, William Rolle, Johnnie Simms, Ruth Welliver, Robert Wilson, Diane Wilson, and Karen Withrow.
    Volunteers of the Year 2011-2012
    Honorees Johnnie Simms (l) and Ardee Burno (c) are pictured with the
    project’s staff supervisor, James Jones (r).