• The STSD Volunteer Program honored Mary Ann Olley as the Volunteer of the Year for 2015-2016. Fourteen years ago - while she was the Holtzman School Nurse - Mary began sending backpacks of food home with students whose families were in need. This effort has grown over the years into a food pantry which is housed at Holtzman School. When Mary left STSD employment eight years ago, she joined the Volunteer Program and continues to organize food pantry activities with the help of other Volunteer Program members. The Thomas Holtzman Elementary Rockville Church Food Pantry now operates year-round, distributing boxes of food to hungry families every week. The food pantry volunteers were recognized for their hard work and dedication: David Hepford, Michele Sowers, Tracey Mitchell, Mike Loomis, John Carroll, Martha Phillips, Wayne Olley, Paula Grumbling and Cathy Klunk. 

    Volunteer of the Year Mary Ann Olley (c) is pictured with Holtzman School Principal Mike Selvenis (l) and Superintendent Dr. Kline (r) at the annual Volunteer Program dinner.