Attendance Procedures

  • In an effort to ensure all our families are aware of the new attendance procedures, we have created this document as a helpful guide.  Please know that this guide may not cover all scenarios and if you do have any attendance related questions, please contact your child’s building attendance secretary.


    Absences from school

    • Send in a written excuse briefly explaining the reason for the absence. This can be a written note from the parent/guardian or the doctor’s office. You can also email your child’s building attendance secretary.   


    Note: Calling your child off from school, or sending your child’s teacher a DOJO message does not meet the requirement of submitting a written excuse for an absence.   


    • A written excuse must be received within 3 days of the absence or it will be considered an unlawful absence.
    • A maximum of 10 days of cumulative lawful absences (with excuse notes), may be permitted during a school year. All absences beyond 10 cumulative days shall require an excuse from a physician. Any absences beyond 10 cumulative days that are not accompanied by an excuse from a physician will count as an unlawful absence.
    • 3 or more consecutive days of absence will require an excuse from a physician unless directly related to a documented medical issue.

    Early Dismissals/Late to School

    • A written excuse from the provider is required if your child has an appointment during the school day. The early dismissal/late to school excuse must be received within 3 days of the appointment to be excused.

    Parent Contact

    • Parents/guardians will receive a phone call if their child was marked absent at the time attendance was taken. Please contact your school’s attendance secretary if you feel you have received an absence message in error.

    Unlawful absences

    • For the 1st, 3rd and 6th unlawful absences you will receive a letter notifying you of these absences.
    • Students with 6 unlawful absences:
      • A School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) meeting MUST be scheduled. A building administrator, school counselor, parent/guardian and student are all invited to the meeting.
      • The Truancy Coordinator, by law, MUST contact Children and Youth Services for students 14 and younger.
    • When a student (16 and younger) has accumulated 10 or more unlawful absences, the Truancy Coordinator will prepare the truancy citation for the building administrator to submit to the District Justice for review. Consequences are at the discretion of the District Justice and may include:
      • Revocation of any work permits (working papers) issued to your child by the District
      • Being fined up to $300 per day that the student fails to attend school
      • Student getting assigned to an alternative adjudication program
      • Suspend the privilege for the student to possess or apply for a PA driver’s license
    • If a student continues to have unlawful absences, additional citations will be submitted to the District Justice.


    Attendance Secretary Contact Information 


    Sara Lindemuth/Anna Carter Primary School
    Angela Headen
    717-657-5122 Ext. 10302                                 


    Thomas W. Holtzman Elementary School
    717-657-5158 Ext. 20003


    Susquehanna Township Middle School
    Michaelann Kline
    717-657-5125 Ext 30111


    Susquehanna Township High School
    Julie Denniston
    717-657-5117 Ext. 40121