• Team Apollo:

    Please return all required first week material.  All materials will be found in the red folder.


    Monday: none

    Tuesday: PG 221 21-27 odd, Sign progress report

    Wednesday: None

    Thursday: Complete work if it was not finished in class.

    Friday: Finish classwork if you did not complete it in class.

     Test 9/28


    Earbuds or headphones are needed for every class beginning on Thursday 09/06

    Friday 09/21 - study spelling

    Monday 09/24 - graphic organizer & study subject/predicate (type 2 tomorrow)

    Tuesday 09/25 - study spelling (test tomorrow)

    Wednesday 09/26 - study for Grammar Quiz

    Thursday 09/27 - rough draft

    Friday 09/28 - edited draft due Monday

    Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling Test will be given in Spelling City on Wednesday 09/26

    Autobiographical Sketch due Monday 10/01

    Grammar Quiz 10/02 Study Guide for 10/02



    Social Studies

    Unit 1- US Sovereign States assessment past due; Cradle of Democracy assessment due 9/21

    Note- All assignments are classwork. If students are using time wisely, these activities should be completed in class. If not finished in class, all work is accessible through my teacher page.

    Students should be bringing earbuds to every class to listen to the video recordings of each assignment.

    Unit #1 Test on Wednesday, Sept 26th. Study guide distributed Thursday, Sept 20th


    1. Complete a book report followinjg the rubric located in my classroom and on my teacher page. This book may be either fiction or non-fiction. It may NOT be the same book used for the Literature class required book. Historical fiction and biographies are great choices for a Social Studies connection. (Up to 50 pts.)

    2. Bring in current events new articles related to our government and include a short 5W summary of the article- who, what, when, where, why it is important. (5 pts. each)



    Monday 9/17 - Book selections are due in class 


    Period 1, 4, 7, 8 - https://quizlet.com/join/MeyH5WypX

    Period 3 - https://quizlet.com/join/GTYJrjpX8

    Monday - In Class Character Media Link - Character - Gregory Martinez

    Tuesday 9/17 - Benchmarks in class (Diagnostic Assessment) 

    Wednesday - No School 

    Thursday - Vocabulary Review and Vocabulary Quiz Day (Periods 1, 4, 7, 8 - 8 points) (Period 3 - 10 points)

    Friday - Reading  Comprehension Work (Readworks Articles) 

    **Book Report is due October 19th, 50 Points. 


    ** Book Report Form**