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NHS Inductees

n Thursday November 17, STHS held is annual National Honor Society Induction. The National Honor Society is an organization for junior and senior students to apply for that have spent their high school careers dedicated to excellence in service, academics, character, and community involvement. This year’s induction brought 28 new members in to the NHS chapter here at STHS, totaling a full club membership of 53.
During the ceremony, current NHS officers Maddie Shipe, Kayla Ulrich, Aimee Sam, and Viet Pham gave speeches on the four pillars of NHS. Former NHS STHS alumni J.C. Rowe and Sophia Diamond (c/o 2012) shared a letter of congratulations and encouragement to the new members of the organization based on the impact they have seen in their college experience and start of their career as a result of their time in NHS. This will not be the last you hear about the new members of the National Honor Society. You will see them serving in the communities, at churches, after school programs, charity events, and running many of the school sponsored events like Minithon, the 5K, and the Faculty Student Basketball Game.
Congratulations to this year's inductees:

Adeola Adeniyi, Daniel Akrong, Meredith Barney, Maxwell Billante, Hallel Cheskis, Anthony Delp, Ari Dym, John Ferguson, Jacqueline Friedlander, Anuj Ghimirey, George Giannaris, Raja Hanafinn, Alexander Heller, Ehiremen Jatto, Alicia Kayer, Joy Mohr, Daniel Morris, Bryan Neal, Brandon Predmore, Jacob Runkel, Fiona Sanderson, Brian Sayre, Wen Seng, Josamarie Stalcar, Brenna Trkula, Dalina Tu , Morgan Webb, Austin White

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