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Sports Physical Exam dates

Fall Sports

Monday, June 6 (HS) @ 11:15 am

Wed, June 8 (MS) @ 11:15 am  ( a late bus will be provided for students to get home)


Winter Sports

Tuesday, October 25 (HS)

Tuesday, November  1(MS)


Spring Sports

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 (HS)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 (MS)


In order for a student to participate in interscholastic athletics grades
7 through 12 offered at Susquehanna Township High School AND
Middle School (including cheerleading), the student
MUST have a
pre-participation physical examination by a certified medical physician
no more than six weeks prior to the legal starting date for that season.
Only the  PIAA CIPPE (Comprehensive Intitial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation) form
located on the schools website or in the main office, may be used for athletic participation
Forms should be completed by a licensed medical physical and returned to the main
office at the high school or middle school.  All forms will be reviewed by the Athletic Trainer
prior to their participation.