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Dress Code for Athletes

Beginning with the Fall Sports Season, we will be instituting a new dress code for all athletes on away games.  Being a student athlete comes with many responsibilities.  As representatives of the school district, students become role models to their peers and younger children, and are considered ambassadors of our community.  Having to accept this role,it is the responsibility of every student athlete to demonstrate pride in their dress, behavior, and school work.  It’s a great time for our student athletes to set an example for the entire school.  Failure to comply with the dress expectations will result with student athletes sitting out for that game.  Below are the dress requirements for both ladies and men:


                Ladies’ Required Dress:

·        Skirts, dresses, or slacks (no sweatpants, jeans, or shorts)

·        Blouses, collared shirts, or sweaters (no tee-shirts or sweatshirts)


Mens' Required Dress:

·        Dress pants or khakis (no jeans or sweatpants)

·        Long or short sleeved dress shirts (no tee-shirts or sweatshirts)

·        Ties or bowties


All shirts must be tucked in at all times.  All articles of clothing must meet the requirements set forth in the school dress code policy.


The athletic department and high school staff are looking forward to a rewarding season.  Please feel free to contact the athletic department with any questions or concerns.