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HANNA Foundation Announces Mini-Grant Availability

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The HANNA Education Foundation Mini-Grant Program

The HANNA Education Foundation is dedicated to providing enhanced learning opportunities for Susquehanna Township School District (STSD) students in order for them to become outstanding participants in society.

Mini-grant Program Guidelines

The Foundation shall make funds available to staff, students and district-approved organizations in STSD to enhance educational opportunities for students. Believing that an annual school district budget can only reach so far, we are providing additional funds to supplement educational efforts in our schools directly requested by those who will provide the instruction.

Awarding of Mini-Grants

The Foundation offers monetary grants to teachers, teacher teams, administrators, counselors, students, student organizations and other district-approved organizations. Grant proposals will be reviewed by a Foundation Programming Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. We will award funds to proposals that meet our mission and align with the goals of STSD. Based on available funds, not all proposals will be selected although can be resubmitted at a later date. Grant recipients are required to provide a written assessment, including data, after implementation.

Preference will be given to grants that best align with the goals and objectives of the Foundation as well as the STSD mission, vision and values and according to the district’s comprehensive plan. Preference may also be made building to building in an attempt to best distribute assistance evenly across the school district or where it is most needed.

Preference will also be given to grants that support innovation and creativity to improve and evolve educational instruction and the ability to educate students. This may include programming and materials that bring first-time instruction or new opportunities to the district than otherwise would not be available or offered at that time.

Mini-Grant Eligibility
  • Mini-Grants will be awarded to initiatives that include programming. Programming would be defined as live instruction or interaction with students that would supplement their educational experience at STSD.
  • Mini-Grants would be open to enrollment to a student population larger than an individual classroom.
  • Mini-Grants can be awarded for supplemental resources or additional needs of teachers or staff that would not include additional instruction.
  • If there are questions related to eligibility, please direct them to the Foundation to assist in the best way to structure the request.

Types of Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants for Programming:

This includes all grants that contain a component of new instruction or interaction with students in order to provide a learning opportunity. These Grants generally involve programming that goes beyond an individual classroom for enrollment.

The request for the grant could include many components such as funding instruction, purchase of curriculum or programming materials, additional materials, teacher certifications and more.

Grants to be awarded range from $500 to $2,000. Given the goal of new programming, grant proposals may be larger than the amount indicated above.

Mini-Grant for Educational Resources or Materials

This includes grants specific to the purchase of materials or resources to be used directly in the classroom or current school programs or activities. These grants do not need to include the creation of new programming in which the materials would be used. An example of an Educational Resource or Materials Grant would be art supplies used in art classes at a given grade level, or classroom materials needed for a specific third grade class not already part of the district budget. Materials or Resources could include anything from a technology purchase to basic classroom needs. Grants can also include funding for a field trip or other educational experiences.

An important factor to the Educational Resources and Materials Grant is that this is an item that the requester could NOT have received through the district through normal district, school, and classroom budgeting. If funding an item or materials that could have been allocated through district and classroom budgeting, it will not be reviewed. Building principals will approve all Mini-Grant proposals.

Grants to be awarded can range from $50 to $1,000 or larger. The size of the grant may require a higher level of detail in consideration of resources.

Mini-Grant Timeline:

Timeline for Programming Grants

Completed Programming Mini-Grant Applications for the 2016-17 school year will be accepted on a rolling period through January 31, 2017.

Within one month of the completion of programming, the requester must submit a Grant Assessment form.

If the requester would also like programming to be renewed for the next school year, a requester can ask that this prior approved mini-grant be “fast tracked” to be renewed before the open period for new mini-grants for the 2017-18 school year. Programs that demonstrate and achieve success can be renewed as soon as possible in order for staff to plan and improve.

If funds are not used by March 1, 2017, or cannot be shown that they will be paid for current programing after this date, funds will be ask to be returned to the Foundation.

Timeline for Educational Resources or Materials:

Completed Mini-Grants applications for Educational Resources or Materials for the 2016-17 school year will be accepted until July 1, 2016. Applications submitted after the July 1 deadline will not be reviewed. Recipients of awarded grants will be notified in August, 2016. Awarded funding must be used by March 1, 2017, with a grant assessment to be provided to the Foundation within one week of implementation. The recipient would complete the assessment form at the earliest opportunity to show the value and impact that mini-grant has had on students.

If funds are not used by March 1, 2017, the Foundation will ask that funds be returned. The process in which HEF would be notified that the funds had been used would be the Grant Assessment form.

Requesters who do not comply with guidelines may affect their ability to be awarded future grants.

How to Apply:
Complete the Mini-Grant Application and return to the HANNA Education Foundation.
Mini-Grant Approvals:

  • STSD employees must receive approval from their administrators before submitting requests. This also applies to any group or organization lead by a teacher. Approval for a teacher or counselor must come from a building principal.
  • A STSD student(s) or student organization must receive approval from a teacher and/or building principal before submitting a request. In some cases, a teacher may not need to approve, but a principal will always need to approve.
  • A STSD approved organization must receive approval from a central administrator before submitting a request.

Mini-Grant Conditions:

  • Purchases must be made through the STSD procurement process.
  • Any purchases that need to be made outside the procurement process would need to be made with the approval of the Programming Committee and would require the submission of all invoices and receipts directly to the Foundation.
  • Any unspent grant funds that remain beyond the specified implementation date will be forfeited as if the date indicated above in the timelines.
  • All purchases made with grant funds become the property of the STSD, and all durable materials will be housed by STSD.
  • Each grant will be evaluated based upon its alignment with the HANNA Education Foundation mission and vision; its impact on students, staff, and/or community; its inability to be funded by other means; the appropriateness of the budget to the request; and its innovative qualities.
  • If available, the grantee will provide the Foundation with photo(s) and/or testimonial(s) from students, staff and parents about the grant along with the assurance that students in photographs have media release permission on file. The more information and success stories that we receive, the more favorably a grant proposal/renewal by the same requester for the future will be viewed.
  • If practical, the grantee agrees to acknowledge the HANNA Education Foundation as the Grantor, i.e. use of the HANNA Crest on all grant materials, verbal acknowledgement with possible school board and parent presentations and, as envisioned by the grantee/HEF/STSD.

    Contact Information:
    John A. Fabian

    HANNA Education Foundation
    Mobile 717.645.5430
    Office 717.730.1842