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District Residency Verification

The Susquehanna Township School District (STSD) is in the final stage of conducting residency verification of all students within the school district. This measure aligns with our strategic plan to ensure that the district is appropriately allocating taxpayer resources and providing support and programming to students that legally reside within STSD.

Please provide the following documents during your residency verification appointment:

  1. Residency verification student information sheet 
  2. Required item(s) from List A
  3. Required item(s) from List B
  4. If you are a Multiple Occupant Homeowner/Family, please complete the appropriate Multiple Occupant Form and bring unsigned. Our notary must witness the signing of these documents.
  5. If you are a Multiple Occupant Homeowner/Family, remember that it is required that both the Homeowner/Resident and Family Member be present.

Appointments will be available during the following dates and times:

Tuesday, May 22nd from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday, May 24th from 4:00 pm – 8:00pm

Wednesday, May 30th from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday, May 31st from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm




If you have any questions, please contact the district administrative office at (717) 657-5100. 


Forms Required for Residency Verification
(Please click on the link to download theform)

Residency Verification Checklist
Student Information Form
Multiple Occupant Form - Family
Multiple Occupant Form - Homeowner/Lessor