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Keystone Graduation Requirements

The Susquehanna Township School District held a parent information session on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, to discuss the graduation assessment requirements for the graduating classes of 2017 and 2018. We have attached the PowerPoint presentation and supporting documents for parents who were unable to attend and to serve as a reference for those with additional questions. Please contact the High School administration and/or your child’s school counselor if you would like to discuss how these requirements will impact your child.

Mr. Keith Still, High School Principal - 657-5117 ext. 40113,
Mr. Scott Lindsey, High Assistant School Principal - 657-5117 ext. 40139,
Mr. Michael Selvenis, High Assistant School Principal - 657-5117 ext. 40137 ,

Ms. Monica Gillis, School Counselor - 657-5117 ext. 40115,
Ms. Robin Harris, School Counselor - 657-5117 ext. 40114,
Ms. Susan Johnson, School Counselor - 657-5117 ext. 40116,
Ms. Denise Short, School Counselor - 657-5117 ext. 40118,
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