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Keystone Exams - Spring 2018


Dear parents and guardians,

Beginning Monday, May 14th, many students at Susquehanna Township High School will be taking the Keystone Examinations in the areas of Algebra, Biology, and Literature. Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 who are currently enrolled in a Keystone course will take the associated Keystone Exam. This includes students taking Algebra I, Biology, and English 10.  Any student who has previously taken an exam and did not pass must retake that exam.  


Room assignments for testing are posted in the following locations at school:

Algebra – on auditorium doors

Biology – on office windows by main entrance

Literature – on office windows main hall


Testing will begin at approximately 12:30pm.  Those students who are scheduled to test will be released by their period 6 teacher to their exam locations.  Those students who are not scheduled for an exam will be dismissed and transported home.  Testing in the afternoon is a change from previous years.  Students who are scheduled to take an exam and leave school early will face consequences.  This will also be recorded as an illegal absence.


Parents who feel that the Keystone Exams conflict with their religious beliefs may make arrangements to review the exams through the Main Office.

Please remind your child that cell phone use is prohibited. Please see the attached information from PDE related to cell phones and testing. All test takers should NOT bring a cell phone or smart watch to the exam room.  If a phone or smart watch is brought into the testing area, it will be collected, placed into a bin, and returned when testing is complete.

Also, please see the test taker code of conduct.

It is imperative that your child remain at school during these testing dates when they are scheduled to test.  A list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Keystone Exams can be found on the high school website.  If you have any further inquiries concerning the Keystone Exams, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 657-5117.


Thank you!